The BiSoft team would like to thank all our customers and partners who trusted us and believed in our capabilities. We strive and will continue our efforts to always find the most effective solutions for our customers' needs and satisfy their high requirements. Our satisfied clients undoubtedly give us the greatest satisfaction of the efforts we put into the business. We are especially looking forward to their praise and appreciate their opinion of our work.
Here you will find reviews from our customers:

20.03.2019г. Reference KAM919 OOD
20.03.2019г. Reference KRAMI EOOD
20.03.2019г. Reference Appeal court Varna
20.03.2019г. Reference Appeal court Varna
05.05.2017г. Reference RS Parvomay - "Document Authenticator"
26.04.2017г. Reference Plovdiv District Court - "Document Authenticator"
25.04.2017г. Reference RS Asenovgrad - "Document Authenticator"
24.04.2017г. Reference RS Karlovo - "Document Authenticator"
18.04.2017г. Reference RS Plovdiv - "Document Authenticator"
18.04.2017г. Reference Court of Appeal Plovdiv - "Document Authenticator"
25.05.2017г. District court - Pirdop
23.05.2017г. District court - Slivnica
22.05.2017г. Reference "Pharmacies 36.6"
18.05.2017г. District court Blagoevgrad
17.05.2017г. District court Samokov
16.05.2017г. District court - Etropole
15.05.2017г. District court - Ihtiman
12.05.2017г. District court – Svoge
12.05.2017г. Administrative Court Sofia - town
29.03.2017г. Reference lawyer Raina Avramova
04.08.2016г. District court - Radnevo
01.08.2016г. District court - Karlovo
26.07.2016 District court - Plovdiv
14.07.2016 District court - Chirpan
19.11.2015 District court - Provadia
18.11.2015 Manager of "Fresh and Correct" Ltd.
18.11.2015 Manager of "Fruit Correct" Ltd.
18.11.2015 District court - Asenovgrad
18.11.2015 The Republic of Bulgaria - Special Criminal Court
10.11.2015 District court - Tervel
16.10.2015 District court - Dobrich
15.10.2015 the Sofia District Court
13.10.2015 District court - Kavarna
09.10.2015 District court - General Toshevo
09.10.2015 the District Court -Dobrich
09.10.2015 District court - Karlovo
10.07.2015 the Bar Association - Varna
10.03.2015 District court - Varna
12.02.2015 the Sofia City Court
04.02.2015 District court - Plovdiv
30.01.2015 District court - Devnia
25.07.2014 the Official Defense - Varna
15.12.2011 „CFD Studio” Ltd
01.12.2011г. „Jelqskovi ViK.” ООД
17.05.2011г. „Fresh fruit” Ltd
11.05.2011г. „StoniSoft” Ltd
10.05.2011 Technical support, the Bar Association - Varna
09.02.2010 the Bar Association - Pleven
05.10.2009 the Bar Association - Sofia
10.09.2009. "G&G Korekt" Ltd
10.08.2009 "New Solutions" Ltd
19.12.2008 the European Information Centre - Town of Plovdiv
08.12.2008 the Bar Association - Chumen
31.03.2008 the Bar Association - Plovdiv
29.01.2008 the Bar Association - Stara Zagora
25.03.2007 "Help Medica" Ltd
23.09.2005 "АKVA КОМ" Ltd