The COMMUNICATION MODULE for electronic data exchange between SAS Court Registry and Public Defense Software System integration operations were successfully completed in Parvomay District Court.


BISOFT Ltd. completed work on the design, development and commissioning of computer network infrastructure on a KAM-919 LTD site.


BISOFT Ltd. successfully installed Instances module to the Public Defense Software System on a Sofia District Court site, located at address: 54, Tsar Boris III Blvd., Sofia.


BISOFT Ltd. began work on the design, installation, setup and commissioning of virtual computing environment network at NICE WATER PLOVDIV Ltd.


BISOFT Ltd. signed a contract with KAM-919 Ltd for the design, development and commissioning of a computer network infrastructure on their company premises.


In order to establish clarity regarding the PUBLIC DEFENSE Software System and the Bar Association of Sliven, the current contractual relationship between the Bar Association of Sliven and BISOFT Ltd. has not been violated and PUBLIC DEFENSE Software System continues to operate in its full integrity at the Bar Association of Sliven.


The procedure for the integration of COMMUNICATION MODULE for electronic exchange data between SAS Court Registry and Public Defense Software System was launched in the territory of Plovdiv District, and the following courts have declared their readiness for introduction and activation of the system:


On 19.06.2015 the Bar Association of Sofia organized and held a Round Table on “Legal Aid, Experience, Achievements and Pending Issues.” BISOFT Ltd. developments and achievements concerning the electronic communication between the Sofia Bar Association (SBA) and Sofia District Court (SDC) were highly appreciated by the Chairman of the Sofia District Court. Another discussion focus at the meeting was the issue of prevention of abuse done by lawyers in terms of creating false notification letters. The development and introduction of a unique graphic (QR) code by BISOFT Ltd. was recognized at the meeting as a good preventive measure against this type of abuse. Here are some highlights from the forum: The Chairman of the Sofia District Court, Mr. Metodi Lalov, praised the work of the Bar Association in this composition, speaking of the extremely good coordination work between SBA and SDC after the introduction of an electronic system for filing requests and appointment of legal representatives under the Legal Aid Act and the Civil Procedure Code. This system is a step towards electronic justice and prevents abuses associated with the provision of legal aid offered in an unlawful manner. The Round Table continued with the following topic – Current Issues, Proposals and Discussions. The Vice-President of SBA, attorney Konstantin Dimitrov, familiarized the participants with the established by the SBA abuse violations by lawyers who provide legal assistance, on the basis of false documents, which are not issued by the SBA under the established procedures and with the measures taken against those lawyers. Measures taken against such abuses are reflected in the establishment of electronic links with all relevant authorities who provide legal aid as the SDC working stipulations have stated for more than one year. It was reported that such a link is already established with the Sofia City Court and Sofia Administrative Court. Another measure against creating false notification letters is the introduction of holographic stickers with unique numbers and a number of built-in protections.
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BISOFT Ltd developed the option for an electronic application for the setup of an official e-mail account within the Plovdiv Bar Association domain to be filed online. An integrated feature for administering electronic applications, creating two documents Application for Official e-Mail and Protocol for Official e-Mail was developed and introduced by BISOFT Ltd within the Plovdiv Bar Association’s BARKEEPER Software System, and the documents have been drafted based on forms provided by the Plovdiv Bar Association.


BISOFT Ltd. started cooperation with FRESH AND CORRECT Ltd. and successfully completed the work on the design, introduction and start-up of a computer network infrastructure in an establishment of the said contractor in Sunny Beach Resort. BISOFT Ltd integrated Electronic Warehouse and VMARKET software systems for the same contractor.


BISOFT Ltd. integrated a Public Defense Software System update in the Dobrich Bar Association, related with its functionality expansion in compliance with the Legal Aid Act.


Due to frequent cases of unauthorized tampering of information in the documents generated by the BISOFT Ltd. Public Defense Software System, the company developed an update aimed at improving the protection of information within the documents issued by the Public Defense Software System using a feature generating unique graphic (QR) code. The update has been integrated and is currently working effectively in the Bar Associations of Sofia, Plovdiv and Dobrich.


Reply by engineer Andreev regarding the statement of the Vice-Chairman of National Legal Aid Bureau, Ms. Vilma Vasileva. Dimitar Abrashev’s interview with engineer Dimitar Andreev in reply to the statement of the Vice-Chairman of National Legal Aid Bureau, Ms. Vilma Vasileva, broadcasted on 21.02.2015. A recording of the interview can be found here(The interview with engineer Andreev starts at 19 minutes and 30 seconds of the record).


Appetites for reform of the legal aid reform!? The use the Legal Aid software has been suspended as of 17 October 2014, by order of the Chairman of the National Legal Aid Bureau (NLAB), Elena Cherneva-Markova. That software in question was introduced and launched in December 2009 under the protection of the then director of the NLAB, attorney Vasya Ilieva, and then President of the Supreme Bar Council, Daniela Dokovska. The system was donated to the NLAB by its developer BiSoft Ltd... You can read the full text here

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