BiSoft Ltd. has developed and successfully launched a software system "Authenticator DOCUMENTS" (DOCATTESTATION) Internet address for access The first integration was realized between District Court Plovdiv and Bar Association - Plovdiv. The system allows lawyers registered as members of Bar Association - Plovdiv have electronic access to case files through the software system and work e-mail to be provided by Bar Association - Plovdiv.
Reference news : District Court - Plovdiv
Reference news : Bar Association - Plovdiv


Annex to Agreement of 22.12.2015 is made on 22.06.2016 in the city of Plovdiv, by and between Bar Association - Plovdiv and District Court - Plovdiv for cooperation through free exchange of information and messages via the “DOCATTESTATION” software system for lawyers registered in the Bar Association - Plovdiv, as each of them should registered an official mailbox in the college. Address for access to the “DOCATTESTATION” software system -


“BISOFT” Ltd. is proud to inform you of the completion of the process of integration of “Communication module” to the “Legal Assistance” software system at Stara Zagora regional level. “BISOFT” Ltd. received administration reviews and gratitude on increasing of the administrative capacity and reducing the costs after installing the above module.


On 06.06.2016 the web portal of District Court -, renewed by “BISOFT” Ltd., will be launched. The site was reconstructed by adding new features, according to the modern trends in information technologies.


“BISOFT” Ltd. has developed and put into action HOT SPOT (WIRELESS NETWORK) to COURTHOUSE PLOVDIV through which the visitors to Appellate Court - Plovdiv, Regional Court - Plovdiv, District Court - Plovdiv will be given the opportunity to use free wireless Internet link. The news published by District Court - Plovdiv can be found here.


“BISOFT” Ltd. successfully completed the integration of “LEGAL ASSISTANCE” software system, “Authorities” module in ADMINISTRATIVE COURT - SOFIA CITY.


“BISOFT” Ltd. has developed an information portal of Dr. Nikolay Vasilev Belev, as the portal provides information for professionals in medicine as well as for patients. More information can be obtained at:


“BISOFT” Ltd. updated the web portal of lawyer Tsvetelina Atanasova by adding new features in accordance with the innovations in information technologies.


Lawyers in Plovdiv are now able to consult on their cases from the phone or the tablet while drinking coffee in the office. This became possible since from the beginning of January “BISOFT” Ltd. has developed and implemented a system which helps in the establishment of electronic link between District Court - Plovdiv and Bar Association - Plovdiv. The city sets an example of the first steps of e-justice in the country, stated Vladimir Zlatev - President of the College.
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“BISOFT” Ltd. has developed an information portal for District Court - Plovdiv, providing necessary information to the public and the court customers.


“BISOFT” Ltd. signed a contract with the REGISTRY AGENCY and successfully completed the work on the design and implementation of network environment in the Registry Office - Karlovo.


“BISOFT” Ltd. started joint cooperation with “REFRESH CORRECT” Ltd. , integrating “VMARKET” and “VMARKET-SALE” software systems for management of home delivery service.


“BISOFT” Ltd. updated the web portal of Bar Association-Varna by adding new features.

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