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“BISOFT” LTD. has updated the internet portal of the Diana-Joana restaurants, as well as their Facebook page, by adding new functionalities according to the innovations in information technologies. The latest generation technologies have been implemented, which increases the level of competitiveness among the business environment, giving a new, modern, modern-professional look to their website. Each website is a "mirror" of any self-respecting company striving to achieve high popularity among its customers, as well as to offer the easier to navigate website, combining professionalism, speed, technology and accessibility for each visitor.


On 21st Februry 2018, Eng. Dimitar Andreev, was a guest on the show "Resonance" hosted by Vasko Mavrikov, EUROCOM TV, with the topic: "Will there be a conviction for theft of intellectual property?"

The copyright of a software / information / system for reporting the legal aid electronically under the PPA is with the author of “BISOFT” LTD., and in this connection, there is a dispute under the Law on Legal Aid before the Sofia Court, Civil Registry, 1-12 pp. gr.d.№11854 / 2015 scheduled for 10th May 2018 with defendants Ministry of Justice and NLAB with the participation of the third person-assistant "DUEAR" Ltd.

At the beginning of 2010, with a contract, “BISOFT” LTD. donated for the use of NLAB its own software system for reporting legal aid electronically. From then until the end of 2014, this software system was upgraded over the years in order to improve it in the service of its users - NLAB and lawyers in a country providing free legal aid under the PPA. At the end of 2014, after repeated attempts to obtain a DECLARATION of CONFIDENTIALITY from the Chairman of the NLAB Elena Cherneva-Markova, in order to protect the software system itself and the refusal of NLAB to sign such a declaration led to the introduction of general conditions that only protect the authorship of the system and in no way change or introduce new clauses in the donation contract. These general conditions had to be confirmed by each employee of NLAB working with the software system by pressing the "ACCEPT" key and to start using the software system.

Instead, on the verbal orders of President Elena Cherneva-Markova, employees stopped using the system!

A single employee Iva Ivanova has confirmed the general conditions, which in practice gives her the right to use the software system / according to the witness Venkov, an employee of "Paraflow Communications" /.

An interesting question is why a state body that disposes of budget funds of the Ministry of Justice refuses to use a DAREN FREE / FREE / software product and instead on its own initiative enters into a contract with DUER Ltd. for the use of a paid software product for reporting legal aid electronically, which product is the only one and the authorship of it belongs to “BISOFT” LTD.? You can watch the video from the show here.


The lawyers registered in the register of NLAB for legal aid I hereby inform you that the Sofia Court has accepted an expertise according to which NLAB works with software system "LEGAL AID", which is copied from the system of “BISOFT” LTD. - "Legal Aid", as a result of which NLAB will probably have to switch to manual processing of the received reports by lawyers registered in the National Register for Legal Aid in a short time. This in turn will lead to a delay in the processing of the Reports and the payments on them. Unpleasant for you, the lawyers, but let's try to think who allowed this?

Sadly, very sadly..., LAWYERS, please take a stand! This is important for the lawyers in the country ..., another hoax with ATTORNEY, registered under the Law on Lawyers ..., and why did you allow it ... Don't you have bodies to think about you, instead of being a servant of the Chairman of the NLAB - lawyer Cherneva-Markova.

I think it should work for you, the lawyers - their funding from the Ministry of Justice is not a reason to hinder your work, is it?


We are pleased to announce that “BISOFT” LTD. has renewed the communication network of BORCHE 2002 LTD. by adding new functionalities according to the innovations in information technologies. The latest generation technologies have been implemented, which increases the level of competitiveness among the business environment, giving a new, modern, modern-professional look to their communication network. “BISOFT” LTD. is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market, which successfully meets the numerous requirements of its customers, providing optimal software and hardware solutions for the organization of their activities, and guaranteeing quality and reliable applications, innovations in software technologies, complete business solutions.


“BISOFT” Ltd. notifies you that there is a new "virus" coming by e-mail as an attachment in the form of .exe or .rar format, which is called "Invoice Energo Pro" or derivatives thereof. In the particular case, it may be an invoice from another organization or company. We recommend that when you receive such e-mail, it is deleted without attempting to save or open the file.


“BISOFT” Ltd. integrates the software system "OFFICIAL PROTECTIONS" module "Instances" in the SPECIALIZED PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE SOFIA. The main motives for integration are: the facilitation of submitting requests to the Bar Association Sofia and the movement of documents extremely quickly, and we should not forget the fact with the economic effect after the integration.


Today, 27th November 2017, an agreement was concluded between the Bar Association Plovdiv and the Military Court Plovdiv for cooperation through the exchange of information through the software system "Document Certifier". The "Document Authenticator" software system facilitates and facilitates the procedure for sending applications by lawyers to the Court and returning the requested information from the court to the lawyer, strictly monitoring the transfer of information and compliance with legal requirements.


On 30th September 2017 in Plovdiv the manager of “BISOFT” Ltd., Eng. Dimitar Andreev, attended the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the Plovdiv Bar. On 24th September 1897, the lawyers who had been entered in the register of the Plovdiv District Court decided to separate and register their own bar association. In this way the oldest bar in Bulgaria was created. Especially for the anniversary, the board published a luxury volume with the History of the Plovdiv Bar, whose author is the lawyer and historian Yanko Gochev. The book was presented at the Plovdiv Drama Theater "NO Masalitinov". Then the Plovdiv lawyers under the leadership of the Chairman of the Plovdiv Bar Council - Attorney. Stefan Levashki, and the Chairman of the Supreme Bar Council - Attorney. Ralitsa Negentsova, planted a tree in the garden "Seventh Hill" near the Roman Stadium in honor of the college holiday.


“BISOFT” Ltd. informs you that it has developed and launched the online store TopOffers, offering exclusive and innovative products for everyday life at an affordable price. The site has a modern and customer-friendly design, innovative functionalities are integrated and is optimized for use on mobile devices.


Bulgarian Institute of Metrology assigned to “BISOFT” Ltd. restoration of the institute's servers. “BISOFT” Ltd. restored the normal operation of the servers, making the best technical solution in this case and avoiding data loss. Currently, the institute's systems are in a normal working environment.


“BISOFT” Ltd. is pleased to inform you that in the District Court Plovdiv from 3rd July 2017 is integrated software system "BARLID". It provides an instant reference electronically, which certifies the activity and validity of the rights to practice a lawyer appointed in the case.


“BISOFT” Ltd. is implementing a project on a hotspot network in the Diana-Joana restaurants, as the hotspot itself refers to the “Plovdiv 24” news site every user who connects to the WI-FI network of the restaurants. In this way, every client of the restaurant can get acquainted with the latest news in Plovdiv and the region.


“BISOFT” Ltd. expresses its sincere gratitude to:

Court of Appeal Plovdiv / Reference Court of Appeal Plovdiv.pdf

District Court Plovdiv / Reference RS Plovdiv

District Court Karlovo / Reference RS Karlovo

District Court Asenovgrad / Reference RS Asenovgrad

District Court Plovdiv / Reference Plovdiv District Court.pdf

Parvomay District Court / Reference Parvomay District Court

For the given positive assessment regarding the Software system "Document Authenticator". Thank you for your support and the vote of confidence you expressed in the reference. The team of “BISOFT” Ltd.. remains available and we assure you that we will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and professionalism, we will continue to improve the software system in order to improve the quality of work in accordance with new technologies and requirements.


“BISOFT” Ltd. has the honor and pleasure to share the joyful fact that on 01.06.2017 in the Bar Association Plovdiv in the software system "Official Defense" received the first request under the LAW ON LEGAL AID from the District Investigation Service to the District Prosecutor's Office Plovdiv. In this way the foundations of the electronic transfer of information between the District Prosecutor's Office - Plovdiv and all District Prosecutor's Offices (Plovdiv, Karlovo, Asenovgrad, Parvomay) in the Regional Prosecutor's Office - Plovdiv with the Bar Association - are laid. Plovdiv.


“BISOFT” Ltd. received a reference from the District Court Pirdop regarding the "Communication Module" of the Software System "Office Security". In the reference, the court expresses gratitude and gives a positive assessment of the contribution of the software system in the work of the court. You can see the reference here.

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