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On 21st April 2020, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies you that the new functionality of the system "DOCATTESTATION" - Certifier of documents / - module "DEPOSIT OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS" is already a fact and in force in the District Court Karlovo and Bar Association - Plovdiv. In this way, applications and documents are filed between the two instances. “BISOFT” LTD. takes care of facilitating the work of each member of Bar Associations and Courts using the software system "Certifier of Documents".


On 9th April 2020, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies you that the update of a single and working functionality to a software system - "Document Authenticator" - "DEPOSIT OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS" has been completed! In this way, lawyers are given the opportunity to file statements and documents in cases, such as: requests for correction of defects in a statement of claim; appendices to the response to a statement of claim, opinions on a prepared report on cases, requests and opinions in the course of cases, requests for application of documents for paid state fees, for paid deposits for experts, for paid deposits for summoning witnesses, etc., applications for issuance of certificates, certified transcripts of documents and writs of execution in cases, written defenses and other statements in the course of cases.

Module "DEPOSIT OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS" is already a fact, as between the District Court - Plovdiv and the Bar Association - Plovdiv, an annex to the agreement for use from 10.04.2020 was concluded.

With high precision and work, with the newly introduced module - "DEPOSIT OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS" in the software system "CERTIFIED OF DOCUMENTS", we would like to share that we are happy to develop the standard in facilitating the work of each member.



Dear lawyers, members of the Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Shumen and Dobrich Bar Associations,

In the conditions of extraordinary measures, introduced in connection with 2019-nCoV, the electronic tracking introduced by the Bar Councils turned out to be extremely convenient - the payment of membership fees, insurances, rents, etc., which each LAWYER can do on his personal account, through registration in the software system "PORTAL LAWYERS", on the website of the respective bar association, as follows:

  1. Sofia Bar Association:
  2. Bar Association - Plovdiv:
  3. Bar Association - Varna:
  4. Bar Association - Shumen:
  5. Bar Association - Dobrich:

                      The portal provides an opportunity for the lawyer to receive official e-mail and receive/send messages. Extremely functional and good solution, as the registration itself takes literally seconds and the convenience is a fact.

From the team of “BISOFT” LTD.

STAY AT HOME!             


Dear Clients / Citizens,

Due to the situation in the Republic of Bulgaria, the measures taken to deal with the epidemic situation in the country and the state of imposed by the government, in order to prevent the disease and reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies that it switches to remote mode - type "HOME OFFICE".

The software and technical support of the information and computer infrastructures continues in full force.

The physical access and visits are limited or allowed according to the imposed measures, with an announced Decision of the Ministry of Health from 13.03.2020. of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria state of emergency and recommendations of the National Operational Headquarters with order № Р-37 / 26.02.2020. of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We appeal to every citizen to do everything necessary to protect the health of others, loved ones and yourself!

“BISOFT” LTD. is with you as you are with us and together, we will deal with the situation. Do not hesitate to find out about opportunities that can be realized with innovative thinking about your business and business.


On 21st February, 2020, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies you of a crisis situation due to a fire that broke out on February 20, 2020, at a substation near the building of the Sofia Bar Association - 137 Todor Alexandrov Blvd. The fire led to switching off/on the power supply, respectively to a technical problem in the servers of the Sofia Bar Association and stopping the work process of the departments in the college.

                      The Sofia Bar Association and suspension of the work process of the departments in the college. After a signal from SAC, specialists from “BISOFT” LTD. responded immediately to the situation and worked overtime for the urgent elimination of the problem. On 22.02.2020 after preliminary work/efforts and responsibility on the part of the specialists of “BISOFT” LTD., the Sofia Bar Association restored the usual conditions on 24.02.2020. start your working day normally and without any problems!


On 3rd January 2020, on behalf of the clients who trusted us, “BISOFT” LTD. improved the access to the Internet space with a new transfer speed of 1 GBps! Increase Internet speeds for information exchange to 1 GBps in one with improved performance of server systems. The results are convenience in the name of the esteemed client!


On 7th November 2019, “BISOFT” LTD. received a certificate from the KASPERSKY UNITED Affiliate Program stating that the company is authorized to resell Kaspersky products and services. The Kaspersky Partner Agreement recognizes the two companies' commitment to offering superior solutions and customer service.


On 9th December 2019, “BISOFT” LTD., in order to improve the speed and security, hard disks were replaced with SSD disks on a routing device in the PLOVDIV DISTRICT COURT. The procedure passed successfully in the operating mode of the system, without interrupting the traffic of information.


Today, 10th December 2019, “BISOFT” LTD. expresses its gratitude to the Audit Office - "AUDIT CONSULT-B" LTD., as in practice they chose our professionalism of Webhosting / website, security e-mails /, technical support of equipment in the company's office. We are happy for the trust and future partnership in our face!


On 25th November 2019 “BISOFT” LTD. completed data recovery, reconfiguration and optimization of computer infrastructure in DENTAL CENTER "DR STANKOV", which required a number of actions: Recovery of data from an array of 8TB, in RAID 10 configuration, reconfiguration of network infrastructure, building remote connectivity to access a remote server, building a domain structure and setting access rights to computers and resources on the network, reconfiguring servers to work with programs and shared resources, as well as computer systems to work with a domain structure and access rights, reconfiguration of cameras. “BISOFT” Ltd. designs and installs a server configuration with an array size of 18TB. We thank #DENTAL CENTER "DR. STANKOV" for the vote of confidence, with which "BISOFT" LTD. proved its capabilities again!


Direct - public distribution of NLAB / “BISOFT” case. The system for random distribution of cases appointed Judge Ivaylo Mladenov as rapporteur in the case instituted in the Court of Appeal - Sofia on an appeal against a ruling of the Sofia City Court, which allowed a precautionary measure "ban" on the use of software, a single information system for reporting of legal aid with European funds under the Operational Program Good Governance, with which the NLAB and bar associations have been working since September 2018. The case is № 5697/2019 and is to be heard in the Court of Appeal - Sofia. You can watch the video here.


On 21st November 2019 in the Court of Appeal - Sofia will be a public distribution of etc. № 1718/2019 according to the inventory of the Sofia City Court (SCC). It is an appeal against a ruling of the Sofia City Court, which allowed a precautionary measure "ban" on the use of the software product, which is a single information system for reporting legal aid electronically, implemented by the National Legal Aid Bureau with European funds under the Operational good governance program, with which the Bureau and bar associations have been working since September 2018.

The public distribution of the case will be carried out at 12.00 by the Deputy Chairman of the Court of Appeal - Sofia and Chairman of the Civil Board of the Court Ivo Dachev. We invite those wishing to attend to appear at the entrance of the Court of Appeal - Sofia, in the Court House, 2 Vitosha Blvd., ground floor, no later than 11.50 am.


On 16th November 2019, “BISOFT” LTD. developed and put into operation a new portal for electronic orders in the company FRUT CORRECT LTD. For all current and future customers of the company we have provided the opportunity to place electronic orders through their electronic devices. After successful registration, each customer will be able to make inquiries about their order history, as well as many innovations that are to be integrated!




Scandal with the National Legal Aid Bureau A security order issued by the Sofia City Court in case 1718/2019 banned the use of software systems, went into manual processing. "Honestly with Luba Kulezic." Here.

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