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"BISOFT" Ltd. is pleased to announce that the procedure for integration Communication module software system to "legal assistance" in Shumen Bar Association successfully completed. Henceforth the exchange of data between SAS "Court clerk" and software system "legal assistance" in Shumen Bar Association will be carried out entirely electronically. Information about the institutions will find on the following addresses:
Bar Association Shumen
District Court Shumen
Regional Court Shumen
District Court Novi Pazar
District Court Veliki Preslav


On 12.10.2016 Grad. Eng. Dimitar Andreev - Owner and Manager of “BISOFT” Ltd. was a guest in the “Resonance” show on Eurocom TV. The topic of the interview was “e-Justice - on the edge of the law”. The leading subject of the conversation was the “DOCATTESTATION” software system created by “BISOFT” Ltd., which provides an opportunity for Electronic exchange of documents between the legal institutions and members of bar associations in the Republic of Bulgaria. Lawyers - members of the college, may refer to the cases and electronically receive scanned documents from the authorities. You can watch the whole interview at the following address:


We are proud to announce that “BISOFT” Ltd. built and put into operation the information web portal of lawyer Rayna Avramova. The site has a modern and stylish design, innovative features are integrated and optimized for use on mobile devices.


The team of “BISOFT” Ltd. is pleased to announce that on 26.09.2016 Appellate Court - Plovdiv will establish and implement new internal rules for exchange of information and messages using the “DOCATTESTATION” software system, product of “BISOFT” Ltd. This will enable better organization and coordination in the provision of information by the court to members of the Bar Association -Plovdiv. For more information, visit the following links:>


“BISOFT” Ltd. expresses its gratitude to District Court - Radnevo for the reference received on “Communication module” of the “Legal assistance” system software in which the court describes its satisfaction with the joint work with the company’s team.
Reference - here


“BISOFT” Ltd. received a reference from District Court - Karlovo on the development and maintenance of the court’s information website. It expresses the court’s satisfaction and impressions of the good work performed by the team of “BISOFT” Ltd. Please, check the site may at the following address:
Reference - here


“BISOFT” Ltd. received a reference from District Court - Plovdiv, in which the court expressed its satisfaction with the good work of “BISOFT” Ltd. on the establishment and commissioning of free wireless Internet network (HOT SPOT) and the development of an information portal of Regional Court - Plovdiv: http:
Reference - here


“BISOFT” Ltd. expresses heartfelt thanks to District Court - Chirpan for the responsible position and support of the integration of communication module to “Legal assistance” software system set out in the reference from 14.07.2016 given to BISOFT Ltd.
Reference - here


An agreement for collaboration is made on 28.06.2016 by and between District Court - Karlovo and Bar Association - Plovdiv, whose basis is the integration and operation of the “DOCATTESTATION” software system, developed by “BISOFT” Ltd. By introducing this system, the lawyers of Bar Association - Plovdiv will be able to monitor the document flow in their case files formed and considered in District Court - Karlovo. It is expected that soon other courts in Plovdiv region, as well as from other parts of the country, will join.


BiSoft Ltd. has developed and successfully launched a software system "Authenticator DOCUMENTS" (DOCATTESTATION) Internet address for access The first integration was realized between District Court Plovdiv and Bar Association - Plovdiv. The system allows lawyers registered as members of Bar Association - Plovdiv have electronic access to case files through the software system and work e-mail to be provided by Bar Association - Plovdiv.
Reference news : District Court - Plovdiv
Reference news : Bar Association - Plovdiv


Annex to Agreement of 22.12.2015 is made on 22.06.2016 in the city of Plovdiv, by and between Bar Association - Plovdiv and District Court - Plovdiv for cooperation through free exchange of information and messages via the “DOCATTESTATION” software system for lawyers registered in the Bar Association - Plovdiv, as each of them should registered an official mailbox in the college. Address for access to the “DOCATTESTATION” software system -


“BISOFT” Ltd. is proud to inform you of the completion of the process of integration of “Communication module” to the “Legal Assistance” software system at Stara Zagora regional level. “BISOFT” Ltd. received administration reviews and gratitude on increasing of the administrative capacity and reducing the costs after installing the above module.


On 06.06.2016 the web portal of District Court -, renewed by “BISOFT” Ltd., will be launched. The site was reconstructed by adding new features, according to the modern trends in information technologies.

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