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"BISOFT" LTD. is pleased to announce that at the Dental Center "Dr. Stankov" Ltd. in Plovdiv, has achieved the successful construction, installation and commissioning of computer and information infrastructure, as the site is in full working order.

The engineers of BISOFT LTD. showed innovation and practicality in the technological solution, using modern technological solutions to achieve an optimal environment for work in the dental center.

We wish success to Dental Center "Dr. Stankov".


BISOFT LTD. is pleased to express its gratitude for the invitation made by the Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics - Plovdiv, specialty "Applied Programming", for the opportunity to participate in the VI edition of the event "Virtual Career Days" .

This year the event will be held on April 20 from 3:00pm., and they, as an innovative school, offer - online format, using the means of modern technology.

We expect increased interest from students, as our goal is to motivate and keep their attention to the profession being studied.


On 16th February 2021, “BISOFT” LTD. was pleased to present a proposal to all Bar Associations for the integration of the development of "ELECTRONIC POWER OF ATTORNEY", as part of the software system "BARKEEPER" and software system "PORTAL LAWYERS". The development is aimed specifically at the needs of the ELECTION PROCESS in the Bar and a consideration has been created for the requirements of the Law on the Bar and the relevant legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.

This will help for the quick and easy formation of the register under art. 81, para 7 of the ZA for the General Assembly, used by the election commission during the elections in the respective bar association.


On 22nd January 2021 the technical team of “BISOFT” LTD. assisted the organizer of the seminars, Ms. Atanaska Ruskova, in her capacity as manager of RUSKOVA CONSULT LTD. to conduct, through Zoom, its first online seminar for the application of accounting and tax legislation.

The results were exceptional, as all participants were able to quickly and seamlessly join this type of technology, which shows that they are easily accessible to people of all ages.

Ms. Atanaska Ruskova gave her opinion about the seminar: “Hello Mr. Andreev! Thank you for a perfect seminar, which could not have happened without your help. Your employee has the knowledge and skills and explained in the best way to the participants who had any questions. I hope that we will continue to work with you in the future. It is not known how long the pandemic will last, but we must work in the current situation in the world. Thank you!

Regards: Atanaska Ruskova. "


It is time we must quickly adapt to a new way of life, but also a time when we must not forget to be Human.

As a result of the Pandemic, many of us started working from homes, others lost their jobs, and our children study online. But not everyone has the opportunity to provide a mobile device to their children, and so he does not have the necessary conditions to continue his education qualitatively.

We at “BISOFT” apply to each of you who have the opportunity to donate unused ones - phone, tablet or laptop, and we will set them up and provide them free of charge to these children!

Let us go through this difficult period together, let us lend a hand to the people around us, and most importantly, let us ensure the education of our children, because they are our Future!


On 5th November 2020 “BISOFT” LTD. signed a contract with the University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv for consulting and maintenance of available computer, network and server equipment, hardware and software upgrades of server systems, maintenance of networked by users’ resources, information protection.


On 13th October 2020 “BISOFT” LTD. signed a contract with INSA LTD. for technical maintenance of equipment, prevention and maintenance of communication equipment, elimination of problems that have arisen in the process of working with devices.


On 13th October 2020 “BISOFT” LTD. signed a contract with INSA LTD. for reconfiguration and optimization of the work process, through the implementation of independent scanning devices and building a plan for the implementation of a technological solution in the company.


On 20th July 2020 at “BISOFT” LTD., started production practice for students, from 11th grade of Mathematical High School "Academician Kiril Popov" - Plovdiv, under NP "TRAINING FOR IT CAREER", for the academic year 2019/2020. In this way, “BISOFT” gives young people / students / the opportunity to feel the reality of the software industry, to show the qualities and advantages that really impress a future employer.

The company discovers and builds candidates with good theoretical knowledge, very good command of foreign languages, practical skills in various fields, people who are intelligent, diligent, ambitious and who will be able to contribute innovative ideas in the future. “BISOFT”'s investment is to conduct internships and training programs in order to find talented staff, develop their ability to work in a team, acquire new knowledge in the field of technology in the long run!


Again, the Bar Association Plovdiv, showed professionalism and development of information support, such as upgrades, hardware server computer solutions and made an update to the highest standard of technology. This increased the security of the information and enabled the members of the college to better access and protect it. We can share that the Bar Association Plovdiv, is an innovator in terms of information technology, providing a number of electronic services to its members.

We from “BISOFT” LTD. would like to congratulate them for the good management decisions!


“BISOFT” LTD. is a beneficiary for the provision of grants under the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020, under procedure BG16RFOP002-2.073 "Support to micro and small enterprises to overcome the economic consequences of the pandemic COVID-19", with Administrative contract dated on 23th June 2020.

This contract is concluded on the basis of art. 37, para. 3 of ZUSESIF and Art. 21, para. 6 and para. 7 of the Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency, announced by a decision of the National Assembly of March 13, 2020 in connection with a project proposal received between the Ministry of Economy (MI) through the Directorate General for European Competitiveness Funds (DG EFC), in its capacity of Managing Authority (MA) under the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020 (OPIC), on the one hand and "“BISOFT”" LTD.. with owner and manager - Eng. Dimitar Andreev.


On 22nd June 2020, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies you that the software system "PORTAL LAWYERS" in the SOFIA BAR ASSOCIATION has been updated, giving the opportunity to check and pay social security contributions to the lawyers in the bar. The update was made in order to facilitate and save time for each user of the system, and is part of the strategy to achieve full electronic security of services provided by the Bar Association Sofia.


On 17th June 2020, A REGULAR MEETING OF THE MANAGEMENT BOARD OF THE BULGARIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WAS HELD, at which meeting the Management Board accepted two full-fledged professional organizations and eight commercial companies as full members of BIA. We are proud to announce that among the selected members “BISOFT” LTD. - founded by Dimitar Andreev, received full membership in the Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of Bulgarian Business, with subject of activity: "Software development, trade in software products, design of IT systems ". With over 15 years of experience in the IT sector, the company contributes and supports a number of technological solutions and innovations, which are used every day by a number of users and process management.


On 21st May 2020, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies you that the new functionality of the system "DOCATTESTATION" - Certifier of documents / - module "DEPOSIT OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS" is already a fact and in action, in Military - Plovdiv and the Bar Association - Plovdiv. In this way, applications and documents are deposited between the two instances. “BISOFT” LTD. takes care of facilitating the work of each member of the Bar Associations and Courts, using the software system "Document Authenticator".


On 21st April 2020, “BISOFT” LTD. notifies you that the new functionality of the system "DOCATTESTATION" - Certifier of documents / - module "DEPOSIT OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS" is already a fact and in force in the District Court Karlovo and Bar Association - Plovdiv. In this way, applications and documents are filed between the two instances. “BISOFT” LTD. takes care of facilitating the work of each member of Bar Associations and Courts using the software system "Certifier of Documents".

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